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Oil program

Ammonia(R717) Special refrigeration freezing lubricant recommendation


Ammonia(R717) basic introduction:


Ammonia is the popular Medium pressure medium temperature refrigerant. Its freezing point is

-77.7℃, standard evaporation point is-33.3℃, condensing pressure under normal temperature is 1.1~1.3MPa and will not exceed 1.5MPa even if temperature reaches 30℃. Its standard volumetric refrigerating capacity is around 520kcal/m3.


Due to its hydroscopicity, water will not separate out and freeze from ammoniacal liquor even the temperature is cold, so there won’t be ice burgs inside the system. Ammonia won’t affect iron except that there is water in ammoniacal liquor since the complex liquor will produce corrosive effect on copper and copper alloy and will rise evaporation point. So we suggest no copper or copper alloy in ammonia refrigerating installation and a water content of no more than 0.2% in ammonia.

Ammonia has a small specific gravity & viscosity, a high heat emission coefficient as well as a low price, thus making it easy to gain. But it shares a strong toxicity & flammability. Considering its volume, when the ammonia volume occupies 0.5%~0.6% of the air, people inside will be poisoned within 30 min; when it reaches 11%~13%, the air will be easy to burn; And when it rises to 16%, there will be explosion if there is naked fire. Thus we suggest strong care for vented exhaust affairs in Ammonia refrigeration machine room and frequent exclusion of air and other non-condensable gas inside the system.


The strong points of ammonia as a refrigerating fluid is easy excess, low price, moderate pressure, high rate of unit refrigerating capacity, high heat emission coefficient, nearly no dissolving in oil, low flow resistance and easy discovery as to its leakage.

Ammonia R717 Special frozen oil recommendation

1. CP-1009-68 product is professional & highly refined half-synthetic refrigeration oil with chemical inertness. It contains additives that are antioxidant, anti-rust, low-pour-point & anti-foam. CP-1009-68 lubricant is widely applied in strict chemistry environment as ammonia refrigeration


2. CP-4600-68(PAO68) is the professional PAO synthetic refrigeration oil. It can improve the lubrication situation under extreme temperature, reduce volatility and has a perfect chemical inertness and hydrolytic stability. What’s more, CP-4600-68(PAO) synthetic refrigeration oil has an excellent intermiscibility with mineral oil, thus can take effect in low temperatures as -60℃ or -70℃.